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Welcome to Montague & Chalsey

Welcome to Montague & Chalsey, the gold standard in strategic advisory services, specialising in the unique dynamics of the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) sectors.

Our expertise is rooted in our specialisation in conducting the purchase and sale of businesses entirely off-market, an approach that ensures confidentiality and access to a wider pool of opportunities.

Made possible by our vast, resourceful, and well-curated network of partners, potential buyers, and off-market sellers that spans across the globe, our network, which we’ve cultivated with meticulous attention to detail and strategic focus, connects you to high-quality businesses and strategic buyers, ensuring a smooth, rewarding transaction process.

What sets Montague & Chalsey apart is our wealth of experience and our strategic approach to business transactions. Over the past 40 years, we have been immersed within the AEC sector ourselves. We all have been designers, consultants, procurement professionals, risk managers, contractors, and capital works Clients but most importantly, we all have been business owners and executives who have bought and sold AEC companies in our long careers which gives us a uniquely intimate insight and connectivity into the highest quality companies, their leaders, the business cultures, dynamics and trends from the inside.

This, combined with our proficiency in understanding the demands and drivers for real businesses, the preparing for and undertaking M&A transactions, equips us with the innate ability to navigate the complex landscape of ‘Buying a Business’ and ‘Selling a Business’ in these markets. We are, therefore, not just your Strategic Advisory firm, but also your expert and trusted partner in the AEC sectors.

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Excellence in Off-Market Buying and Selling of AEC Businesses

At the heart of Montague & Chalsey is our unwavering commitment to accelerating shareholder value.

This core principle guides us as we serve as a bridge between business owners, investors, and boards. We achieve this by facilitating introductions to our seasoned team of executives who have amassed decades of invaluable hands-on experience and network.

Our industry veterans have been in your shoes – they’ve founded businesses, scaled them, merged with other enterprises, acquired businesses, and navigated the process of selling. Their experiences, both their victories and challenges, have equipped them with an incredible wealth of knowledge of what works best whether you are an SME or a global player. Now, through Montague & Chalsey, they offer this knowledge to you, providing advice, guidance, and strategic direction on your business journey to maximise shareholder value.

Exclusive Access to a Global Network of AEC Partners, Buyers, and Sellers

Montague & Chalsey represents a unique opportunity for you to access the sort of industry insights that can set your business apart from the competition.

Our global network of contacts spans the full spectrum of the AEC industry and beyond, creating an ecosystem of experienced individuals and firms. By collaborating with us, you will have the chance to forge connections that can yield exponential benefits.

Our website is the doorway to exploring how we can facilitate your business’s growth or successful exit strategy. Please take the time to understand our services, our ethos, and our track record. We’re confident that you’ll find Montague & Chalsey a unique proposition, one that can unlock untold opportunities for you and your business.